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Bumbershoot x MiiR

This weekend is the 43rd annual Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle. A 3 day weekend packed full with a mix of upcoming, local, and big name artists in the iconic Seattle Center. We will be at this year’s event sharing our story, selling bottles, tumblers, pint cups and apparel, and checking out some of our favorite artists! If you’re in the area- make sure to stop by, say hey, and pick up some new gear.

This week’s MiiR Music Pick will be there too: local Seattle band, Pickwick. We hope you’ll sing along with us.

Inspring words from John Muir

#MiiRadventure | Mt. Rainier 2014

This July, friends of the MiiR community embarked on their 4th annual Mt. Rainier climb. Adventure is deeply engrained in MiiR’s identity, and each year the mountain challenges the team in new ways, physically and emotionally. This year marked the 3rd climb for Rebecca Papé. Her appreciation and courage for the mountain inspires us, and we hope it does for you as well.

For my third year in a row, like a child I sprung out of my sleeping bag at 10,000 feet in elevation, mentally rattling off all there was to put on, eat and pack before we could begin our ascent up Mt. Rainier - a mysterious, majestic mountain I’ve come to know more intimately than a distant neighbor. Even perched outside my childhood bedroom window, and equally so underfoot, she has always been to me gentle and quietly inviting. And what a beautifully different world she occupies and offers, even while existing within the same state lines I inhabit. 



We were lucky to have a shot at the summit this year. Upon arriving at Camp Muir the afternoon prior, a consistent rainfall settled in, just one of the (many) deterrers to our purpose for being there at all. No one spoke of it, even as the winds whipped over the ridge, rattling the bunkhouse and many climbers’ minds, preventing important hours of sleep. And yet somehow, the rains ceased just in time. The sky opened up to reveal every constellation imaginable, a dizzying sight as we stood side by side, stealing glances upward, waiting to be securely roped together by our guides. It was a go.

Hours later, with the sun chasing us upward at nearly 13,000 feet, the mountain spoke, opening a crevasse and collapsing an ice bridge that immediately turned us around, right back into our hard earned tracks. There was little protest from any of us; the unpredictability of the ever-changing conditions won. Rainier had spoken and shifted on her own schedule, answering to no one, gracing us not with the destination, but with each step approaching it. 

And anyway, our lessons to be learned - humility, patience, caution, endurance - are not in the celebration at the top, but in these very steps. Mt. Rainier has taught me this: the journey is the adventure. She has taught me to GO, to try, to respect my limits and intuition and my life, for that matter. She loosely holds these lessons in her glaciated surfaces, making them available to all.


Music at the MiiR Office: Bombay Bicycle Club

Look no further for your midsummer music refresher; the guys of Bombay Bicycle club will have you humming along in no time. Hailing from London, they bring a rhythmic, electro pop sound with some quirky surprises. Critics have noted stark style changes among their 4 albums. Their most recent February release, “So Long, What Took You So Long” is no different, this time weaving influence from traditional Indian music into a few dreamy tracks.

MiiR Summertime Tanks: Looking Hot and Staying Cool

Remember summer days when you were a kid? Running around in the hot sun, no school, no rules, just pure freedom- oh, and your mom asking, “Are you drinking enough water today?”

(But seriously, are you drinking enough water today?)

In honor of those glorious summer days we’re highlighting our “Empower” Tank tops.

Available in both Men’s and Women’s fits, the “Empower” tank makes a bold fashion and cause statement:

“Inspire a generation to empower a world that is in need.”


Funds from these empower tanks provide clean water and reliable transportation to others in the US and around the globe.


Kick off your summer wardrobe with the Empower tank, found in both Men’s and Women’s [here].

Red Bell 100 x MiiR

MiiR and Nuun Hydration teamed up to take on this year’s Red Bell 100, supporting Cascade Bicycle Club Education Program and World Bicycle Relief. The 100 mile ride was especially meaningful to our team because World Bicycle Relief is a partner in the MiiR #bikes4bikes program. The sale of a MiiR bicycle provides a bike to someone in need through the sustainable work of World Bicycle Relief. Our VP of Sales, Josh, enjoyed riding his MiiR bicycle so much that he rode it another 100 miles the next day! 

Want updates about the happenings of the MiiR team? Follow along using #bikes4bikes, and don’t forget to check out the new MiiR urban bike line.

88bikes Passport to Happiness


Our friends at 88bikes launched their "Passport to Happiness" campaign today and we are, once again, blown away by their amazing work. 88bikes provides bicycles to survivors of human trafficking around the world. This new campaign will help 88bikes grow and support more girls with transportation, bicycle maintenance skills, and job based education.

We’re honored to be part of the campaign with an 88bikes x MiiR cobranded tumbler! We hope you’ll join us in supporting the “Passport to Happiness’. 

MiiR Approved Father’s Day Guide

Oh hey there, it’s been a while. We know, we disappeared from blog land for a bit, but we’ve been busy designing amazing products that change the world and are excited to share some big things around the corner! We hope this blog will continue to grow (like us), inspire bold moves of world change, kind acts of compassion, and provide better insight into how MiiR continues to be “Designed to Empower”.

So to kick things off on this special welcome back post, we’re giving a big shout out to each of our pops. (“Hey Dad!”) What are you getting your dad this father’s day? Here’s a collection of our favorite gifts to keep dad hip, ready for anything and remind him he’s not that old.


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Music at the MiiR office

At MiiR, we’re big fans of beats and creativity. Pretty Lights defines both of these. Derek Smith’s mixes have become typical candy for our ears since 2010. Smith’s music relies heavily on digital sampling and crosses many genres, forming a combination of “glitchy hip-hop beats, buzzing synth lines, and vintage funk and soul samples.” In his newest album A Color Map of the Sun, Smith’s ability to blend beats and vintage instruments is mind blowing. The album is the first of Smith’s to be composed from his own originally produced music in its entirety. Smith’s recordings were pressed as samples to vinyl and then mixed using modular synthesis. In describing why he chose this requirement, Smith has stated: “I was trying to think of something that would be a massive challenge for myself and just a really cool project. I wanted to also prove to myself I could do it.”

It’s [almost] party time!

Everyone loves a good party, and this one, co-hosted by Timbuk2 and MiiR, is our kind of party. Bikes, beer and our new (sexy) #growlerforgood will all be in attendance.

First, the deets!

Friday, October 11th, 6-10 PM
@ Timbuk2 Seattle
1532 7th Avenue
$5 gets you in the door + take home stainless steel pint cup filled with a cold brewski from Peddler Brewing

Next, the potential winnings!

Simply attending allows you the chance to win a MiiR Wave Single Speed bicycle or custom Timbuk2 bag AND receive 25% off ready-made messenger bags offered at this special event only. You also may smile to know net proceeds from your entry fee will go to Bike Works, a Seattle non-profit investing in young people and encouraging bicycling as a clean and healthy transportation alternative.

Don’t forget to RSVP via Facebook and invite your friends. #growler4good